Why You Need To Spring Clean Your Business

Helping Real Estate Agents Podcast 3/10/22

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Hi, This is Tanya Eldert and it is that time of year again… one of my favorite seasons, SPRING! This Helping Real Estate Agent’s podcast is going to be all about getting your Business Spring Cleaning done and all the reasons why it is so important.  Now, if you are like me, any type of cleaning is very low on your list.  Admittedly I’ve tried different techniques throughout the years and with my Daily Success Steps, I tackle one cleaning task a day so that by the end of the week, I got everything cleaned one, then I start over again. Basically, I maintain a livable home.  Though honestly with 3 dogs, my cheat is to pay someone once a month to do the deeper cleaning.  But let’s move on to what today’s podcast is really about!  Cleaning up your real estate business and WHY It is important.

So let’s start with the WHY Spring Cleaning your business is so important.  One reason is that we are almost done with the first quarter of the year, and many of you have already forgotten your New Year’s Resolutions. Statistically about 80% of you.  This means you may be lagging in some of your goals and this might be the perfect time to revitalize them!

Another big reason is your health.  I can assure you after the last year and a 1/2 of fighting cancer, it is one of the MOST important things in your life. 

When your SPACE both physical and mental is clean, you are less stressed.  Less stress equals better health.  When things are organized you are more focused.  So WHY should you do some spring cleaning in your business? Simple.  You will be more focused, less stressed in a clean and organized way, AND you will be revitalized to get back on track with some of your goals.

So now that we know WHY, let’s talk about the TOP 4 things you need to do this spring.  Before I begin, if you want help doing this, I’m holding a 30 Day Spring Clean Business Success Help Challenge starting on March 21 st!  Join me and a group of us as we tackle a little bit each day. In fact, these 4 things are broken down into what we are going to focus on each week!

#1 thing you need to clean up this spring is your physical space where you do business.  That’s your desk, workspace, files, your open house totes, and even your car.  It is important that the stuff around you is neat and organized.  In fact, don’t just strive to make it clean, but make it organized and rejuvenating.  Now, DO NOT try to tackle this all in one day.  It will probably take you anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour a day for a week to get all those physical areas cleaned up.

#2 of what you will need to clean up is your Digital Space.  This can include your computers, laptops, phone, and Ipads.   How many of you have apps on your phone you haven’t used in years? How about your computer desktop?  If you needed to find a client’s document in under a minute on your computer could you do it? If not, I can assure you you are spending too much time every day looking for things you need.   You need this all cleaned out and organized after you do your physical space.

#3 is all about cleaning up all the time-wasters in your day.  Look for the ways you can systematize, organize, and tidy up your day-to-day routines and business flow.  An example of this might be how you handle your calendars, electronic reminders, and to-do list, even how often you respond to your email and go through junks that really waste your time on non-productive items.  Look at your day, how can you centralize, organize and automate the busy work?  Maybe some of it you could even outsource so you can spend more time growing your business. 

#4 is cleaning YOU up so you can focus on what is important both in business and in life, this includes physically and mentally.  Think about your goals for this year, do you need to refocus, get into some better habits of organization and daily systems.  Also, take some time to do some spring physical cleansing.  Drink more water, get outside and exercise.  It doesn’t have to be an extreme cleansing, but it is time to have some fun and get outdoors now that spring is here.

These 4 clean-up items can and will make a difference in not only your business they will also help you feel better and achieve more every day.  

If you want to work through these steps with a lot more detail, resources and checklists, go to SuccessHelpChallenge.com and join our 30 Day Spring Clean Business Challenge.  You can join me and others in our private group, and get the daily tips, tricks, and ideas to work through these categories in under an hour each day.  We will also have weekly prizes and share how things are going along the way.